Regulatory Compliance

TheLiveForce is committed to adhering to regulations that promote accessibility and security for all individuals. The following are a few examples of how we achieve this commitment:

ADA compliance

TheLiveForce has already taken steps to align our chat system with ADA compliance. We have the capability to help you make the modifications needed to alter the live chat invitation and eliminate “access barriers” on your business website.

As per the Americans with Disabilities Act, “places of public accommodation” are required to remove “access barriers.” Legal precedents have established that websites fall within this category, hence being accountable for removing such barriers.

The live chat invitation is an integral aspect of your website. TheLiveForce is ready to assist you in making the necessary changes to the live chat invitation, ensuring the elimination of any “access barriers” from your business website.

Please note that this statement isn’t intended as legal advice. For further inquiries, kindly contact us at [email protected].

CCPA compliance

TheLiveForce conducts live chat interactions for its California-based customers. These chat sessions are initiated by potential clients and are carried out on TheLiveForce software platform by human chat agents from TheLiveForce. As a result, TheLiveForce manages the processing and storage of data accumulated during these chat sessions. 

Should you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]