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We're on a mission to change how businesses generate leads

This space is in our DNA, it's part of who we are.

Uzair Imran, co-founder of TheLiveForce, grew up watching his mother manage a small business. He witnessed how the administrative tasks overshadowed the actual work, consuming her day-to-day activities.

Salman, co-founder of Cubix and later inducted in Forbes Next 1000, spent time working with thousands of professionals across service industries, hearing the same story: the struggle of generating leads due to the persistent challenges in achieving excellence with limited time.

We possess distinctive and industry trained sales force. Our team is a blend of leaders from renowned companies experienced in serving small and medium businesses, including Google, Facebook, Upwork, and various others.

Internally crafting and advancing our technology, we rely on customer feedback and requests. This empowers us to cater to your needs unlike other services lacking dedicated engineering teams. With extensive hands-on experience collaborating with law firms, healthcare companies, marketing agencies, and beyond, we grasp the levers driving their success and how to contribute.

Pay-Per-Lead Model

24/7 live chat service. Pay only per qualified lead. period.


112,000+ leads per month.

Our Mission

We capture, qualify, and close your sales leads

Our mission is simple yet powerful:

We capture, qualify, and expertly close your valuable sales leads. Through seamless engagement and effective qualification, we ensure that no opportunity slips through the cracks. Experience the synergy of cutting-edge technology and our skilled team, all working harmoniously to drive your business forward.

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109M Leads delivered
$5.8B in revenue generated
2K+ Businesses Served
57M hours saved
1.2K+ 5-star reviews

Software Integrations

We work with the same tools as you.

The ability to track potential clients from initial contact to representation has never been easier. TheLiveForce integrates with all popular CRMs.


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